Steal the Seal Memorial 50k

The story of the relocation of the Oklahoma State Seal

Over time, many stories have emerged of how and why the Oklahoma State Seal was moved to Oklahoma City.  The
official version from the Oklahoma Historical Society maintains that a special election was held in 1910 to determine where the State capitol should be.  Oklahoma City, having the largest population, easily won the popular vote, and the State seal was moved on the evening of June 11, 1910. 

On the evening of the 11th, Governor Haskell sent word to his secretary, W.B. Anthony, to pick the seal up from the State Capitol.  Anthony drove to Guthrie in a rented Cadillac to retrieve the Seal.

The original location of the State seal in Oklahoma City was the Huckins Hotel, where the Devon Energy building stands today, while a proper Capitol building was being constructed.