Steal the Seal Memorial 50k

Course rules and itenerary


This is a USATF sanctioned event.

Race Starting location and time:

The first annual Steal the Seal event is currently set to begin at Midnight, the morning of Saturday, June 12, 2010.  This means that one minute into the race, the time will be 12:01 AM.  Start location is in the vicinity of the current Oklahoma State Capitol building.

Entry Fee: 

Online registration is open for this event at  The entry fee is $45.00 from now until April 20.  Between April 20 and May 20, the entry fee will be $55.00.  After May 20, the fee goes up to $65.00.  Online registration closes at 6pm (pacific time) on June 10.  After that, in-person registration is available until the 100 person capacity is reached, with a night of registration fee of $70.00.  Note that entries on the night of the event cannot use a credit card, because we will not have the equipment to process credit card transactions.  Checks are strongly encouraged.

Race number:

Like most races, each runner will be assigned a race number.  Competitors are to wear their number on their front, over the top layer of their clothing at all times. 

This event will have a midnight start, meaning most or all of the run will take place in the dark.  All participants are expected to run with their own light source.  At the very least, each runner is required to wear evening safety gear (reflective vest/bracelet/strobe).

There will be minimal traffic control, so you will need to use caution and practice safe running practices.  Where sidewalks are present, it is permissible and encouraged to use the sidewalk.  In the areas where there is no sidewalk, runners must use the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic.

There should be five aid stations (one every five miles).  If your fueling requirements are higher, make the proper arrangements with a support crew. 

In the event of a serious emergency, call 911.

And remember:  BE ALERT.  Remember that if you have to ask yourself if a driver sees you, that means he most likely doesn't.

Running only:

This event is open only to runners / walkers / limpers.  If any participant makes use of any other means of progress than with their own feet / combination of hands and feet, they will be disqualified.

Let's all fight dirty, and keep Oklahoma clean:

Please do not litter.  Items that count as litter include but are not limited to used gel packets, empty bottles, discarded shoes, and similar things.  Not only is littering patently uncool, it is grounds for disqualification.

The Entourage:

Participants are permitted to have an entourage and a support vehicle.  This is assuming the support vehicle doesn't violate the running only rule mentioned above.  Participant support vehicles shall not violate city/county/state/federal traffic laws, nor shall they impede the flow of traffic.  If support vehicles must stop, they need to find an area to pull off of the road. 

Any runner can recieve support from any entourage, and  vehicle support crews are strongly encouraged to aid any runner in need of support.  Vehicles used for support must be clearly marked with a sign provided by the race director.

Race route:

The race course has very few turns, marked either by signage or volunteers. 

The change of heart:

If participants decide they will be unable to finish this event, notice must be given to race personnel at the closest aid station, so we know to stop looking for you.

Aid stations:

There will be about five aid stations along the course.  Each station will be stocked with food and fluids. 

Parking and transportation:

Runners will be responsible for arriving at the starting line before the event.  All parking rules present in the area must be followed.  No parking in driveways or roadways. 

This is a point-to-point event, so you will finish the race in a different place than where you start.  Keep this in mind.