Steal the Seal Memorial 50k

The answers I love to give, with or without being asked...

In this section, I will post answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.  Also, I will answer some questions that nobody really wants to ask because they seem so unrelated.  For instance:

Q:  Why do you keep referring to it as the 'Capitol', when it's really the Capital?
Ah, very good question.  Here's the deal, as I understand it.  Every state has a Capital city.  Every Capital has a capitol building.  In this case, I'm mostly referring to the building, although I suppose I could just as easily be referring to the city.  It's just more specific, because we will start and end near the buildings.  Great question!

That's the idea anyway. 

And it appears I have a few pretty good questions coming in:

Q:  Is there organized transportation from finish to start?
Currently, there is not an organized plan for transportation back to the start because I was anticipating a lot of support groups for each runner.  However, it appears a few of you would like some way to get back to your car.  In order to estimate the amount of people needing a ride back to the start line, we will ask if you need a ride back to the start on the online entry forms.  For those of you locals who filled out a paper form, I will contact you to ask if you need a ride.

Q:  Is there a cutoff time?
The second aid station will probably close before 5:00 a.m.  Other than that, the last two aid stations are planned to stay open until the last competitor passes by.  And as long as you finish the course you will get a finisher's medal.  I will wait for the last person.  Ok, so if you aren't there by Monday morning, I have to go back to my day job. 

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